BLUESPEC’s RISC-V Factory Proves Its Dependable Productization, Helping CALLIGO TECHNOLOGIES Harness RISC-V for Posit-enabled Computing

Bluespec, Inc. is proud to be helping the cutting-edge computing and data storage company Calligo Technologies to leverage RISC-V. A Bangalore-based company serving high-performance computing, big data and AI markets around the world, Calligo Technologies has received critical support from Bluespec as they build new solutions with RISC-V.

Building on the simple and elegant Posit Number System developed by award-winning physicist and mathematician Dr. John Gustafson, CalligoTech built a stand-alone Posit Numeric Unit (PNU) Coprocessor, demonstrating the world’s first Posit-enabled System at Supercomputing Asia ’18 in Singapore. After this, CalligoTech adopted Bluespec’s Flute core and the RISC-V Factory to customize, build and verify a new CRISP (Calligo RISc-v with Posits) core by integrating a PNU pipeline into the Flute RISC-V core.

“With CRISP, CalligoTech has shown that Posit achieves a revolutionary feat: more accurate results at much reduced power and memory in applications like Deep Neural Networks. The RISC-V Factory helped immensely in prototyping and demonstrating the PoC of the CRISP core. We were able to demonstrate CRISP booting Linux, running ‘C’ applications natively using Posits at the RISC-V workshop at Zurich in June ’19” said Anantha Kinnal, Co-founder & Director of CalligoTech.

CalligoTech minimized CRISP’s time-to-market using the RISC-V Factory: its RISC-V integration and verification tools jump-started CRISP design and validation. Its IP packaging and delivery tools are ready to streamline CRISP sales and marketing. The Factory is a perfect platform for leveraging the huge latent value in RISC-V open source and Bluespec is committed to empowering companies like CalligoTech to bring their RISC-V innovations to market.

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Posted by on February 18, 2020
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