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Bluespec University Program

Bluespec’s University Program is designed to ensure easy access to the industry’s leading high-level design and modeling toolsets.

We are committed to helping our customers by giving future engineers Bluespec tools for their research and studies and empowering educators with our tools for their research and coursework. Bluespec seeks to promote a variety of academic activities with this program:

  • Engineering coursework in electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer science, for example. Bluespec has been used in a variety of coursework, including for the teaching of hardware design, computer architecture, architectural exploration and software design
  • Methodology and tool research based on or about atomic transactions
  • Design and architecture research involving design-space exploration, low-power implementation, hardware-software tradeoffs, hardware acceleration, and more
  • Research or coursework involving embedded software development and/or system-on-chip architecture and implementation
  • Hardware implementation research or studies that would alternatively have to be done using SystemVerilog, Verilog or VHDL

Subject to our review and approval, the Program provides free access to Bluespec’s SystemVerilog tools for non-commercial use within any accredited, degree-granting academic institutions and upon execution of the license order schedule and software license agreements. These two Bluespec University Program application forms are available at the bottom of this page. These forms should be completed and returned to us via fax or scan/email.

Logistical Issues to Consider Before Running Bluespec Tools:

  • Bluespec’s tools run on Linux (some people run Linux under VMWare or some such virtual machine on Windows machines and Macs).
  • Bluespec uses the FlexLM licensing mechanism, which is quite standard for EDA tools. With this mechanism, you can run the tools on any machine, but it needs to check out and check in licenses over the network from a license “server” (sometimes people run triplicate license servers for availability).
  • Your department or university most likely is already running a FlexLM license server. Typically this is a Linux machine, or a Sun Solaris machine. More information about how FlexLM licensing works can be found on our Wiki on the Installing Bluespec page.
  • The form requests you to fill in the FlexLM hostid of your license server (note that this is the hostid reported by the “lmhostid” command).
  • The software releases are available here.

Required Forms

The two forms required for application to the University Program are available via these links (please return them via fax or scan/email):

  1. License Order Schedule
  2. Software License