The RISC-V Verification Factory is an essential link in the RISC-V ecosystem for proliferating the use of open source RISC-V processors. You can license the Factory directly or access it as a service. Either way you realize these benefits:


Verify that your own or other 3rd party RISC-V cores are safe to use through rigorous independent verification.


Push the envelope on differentiation knowing that any bug can be quickly detected and fixed.

Cost Savings

Use a proven infrastructure to tap the benefits of open RISC-V cores at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone.

What is the RISC-V Factory?

Bluespec’s RISC-V Factory is a powerful out-of-the-box FPGA-based RISC-V development platform created by processor experts using the most advanced hardware verification technology available.

A verified RISC-V core can be up and running software in minimal time by connecting to just two standard AXI interfaces to the cores instruction and data memories.

For RISC-V cores that have not yet been tested against system-level software, the Factory’s GDB and Tandem Verification ports provide powerful debug capabilites that can save months tracking down these most difficult bugs.

Tandem Verification hardware debugger

  • Essential for finding hardware bugs triggered by firmware and operating systems
  • Localizes root cause by detecting initial divergence between state of RISC-V DUT and reference model
  • Supports Berkeley’s Spike golden reference model
  • Supports BluROCS synthesible reference model for 1000x speedup in FPGA

Verification tests

  • RISC-V ISA conformance suite, riscv-torture & csmith random assembly/C tests
  • Support for user supplied assembly/C tests
  • Linux

GDB software debugger

  • Hardware stub tolerates processor DUT bugs
  • Extensible – add commands to GDB


  • Standard terminal connected to RISC-V core
  • Works with bare-metal and operating systems

Quick connect socket for RISC-V design-under-test and peripherals

  • Standard AXI IMEM/DMEM memory connections
  • Optional GDB & Tandem Verification ports
  • Standard AXI fabric connections for peripheral components