Download Piccolo RISC-V Core

Piccolo is an efficient, free, plug-n-play RISC-V processor core delivering the key benefits of open source.

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Piccolo RISC-V Diagram

Piccolo Feature Set

  • RV32IM ISA
  • 1.9 DMIPS/MHz
  • 100 MHz
  • 3-stage pipeline
  • AXI4-Lite interface
  • < 3000 LUTs
  • 4KB Instruction & Data caches
  • Hardware multiply-divide
  • Hardware-based remote GDB


Free synthesizable Verilog saves considerable license and royalty fees. Optional maintenance and support eliminate the risk of using unsupported free IP.


Freedom to customize and enhance RISC-V cores and subsystems enables better innovation, R&D and product differentiation.


Freedom to pursue research and business independently of proprietary IP licensing and restrictions improves efficiency and flexibility.