Bluespec empowers RISC-V developers to innovate with confidence. The company provides fully verified accelerated RISC-V processors and development tools that speed integration, debugging and verification of embedded systems. Processor developers gain the vast benefits of working with open hardware and regain control of their processor IP without having to worry about the risk of working with the latest generation of open hardware.

The company has a long history of innovation.  The team combines two unique skill sets that pave the way for the company’s development of its next generation of innovative technology tools and IP; experts from the microprocessor design world and leaders in high level languages for advanced hardware design that have solved some of the worlds’ most challenging problems in verification and building synthesizable hardware models in a fraction of the time.  The company has a deep understanding of the barriers that prevent the hardware world from being able to design and program at the speed of software.

The company’s committed to unleashing the power of open hardware by making them easy to develop, integrate and verify,  leading hardware developers into a new era of innovation.