Bluespec Unveils Groundbreaking “RISC-V Factory” — Empowering Open Source Hardware Developers to Build Faster and More Efficiently

RISC-V just got easier. 

Bluespec is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest innovation: the Bluespec RISC-V Factory. From developers to embedded systems engineers and beyond, those working in the RISC-V field now have a brand new resource at their fingertips that enables them to become RISC-V power users and design with RISC-V open source cores far more safely and efficiently. 

While open source cores provide a huge running start on the RISC-V value proposition, there is still a dangerous productization gap compared to proprietary cores. The RISC-V Factory supplies the missing layers of productization, enabling safe and easy deployment of RISC-V open source hardware.

The only complete enablement platform available today, the Factory accepts users’ proprietary cores, third party proprietary cores, and open source cores. Additionally, it provides an IP management capability that allows users to package, document, and debug, while also delivering software tool chains. Along with this comes a development environment for the cores: an application and system software that allows for the addition of hardware accelerators.

Users attempting to replicate similar functions on their own face a monumental challenge. First, they’d have to configure, build, and test their RISC-V cores themselves. Next, they’d need to integrate their cores into hardware and software stacks, then evaluate and customize these cores. Lastly—and critically—they’d have to verify their design. With the RISC-V Factory, all this is done for you. 

Having the RISC-V Factory at your disposal is like having your own personal RISC-V productization and support team on hand any time you’re building with RISC-V. The Factory gives users a suite of premium tools for building, integrating, developing, and verifying their RISC-V processor IP. In an industry with limitless opportunities for customizations and limited methods for validating them, such a resource could prove invaluable. 

“We’ve always known that the secure and effective use of RISC-V open source hardware requires an advanced productization and verification environment on par with those of proprietary IP companies,” explained Charlie Hauck, CEO of Bluespec. “We’re proud to make such an environment available to the entire RISC-V community with the RISC-V Factory.” 

Armed with the tools to innovate their cores with total confidence, users leveraging the RISC-V Factory will find themselves at the next level of open source hardware innovation. And while the unveiling of the Factory is already stirring up excitement in the industry, this may be just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come for RISC-V. The Factory’s emergence marks yet another milestone not only for Bluespec, but for the RISC-V community at large and for the surge of open source technology that’s making waves around the world. 

For a complete overview of the Bluespec RISC-V Factory as well as an array of best-in-class tools and cores for RISC-V innovation, visit

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