Bluespec and Fujisoft Amplify the RISC-V Movement in Japan with a Landmark Partnership

Around the world, companies are realizing the power of RISC-V and beginning to harness it. Today, an exciting new partnership between Bluespec and leading Japanese IT solutions vendor Fujisoft is accelerating the RISC-V movement in Japan.

Having recognized the groundbreaking potential of RISC-V, Fujisoft is now becoming one of its leading vendors in Japan by selling, distributing, and supporting Bluespec’s array of RISC-V products to their countless customers. In particular, Bluespec’s “RISC-V Factory” promises to be an invaluable tool for those building and designing with RISC-V.  A powerful suite of tools and solutions for leveraging RISC-V, “The Factory” gives embedded systems developers an unmatched ability to evaluate, verify, and even accelerate the performance of RISC-V cores, no matter what core they’re working with. Such leading-edge technology has the potential to unlock massive benefits for Japanese RISC-V users.

Bluespec, meanwhile, is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the biggest IT vendors in Japan. Having already developed several open source cores and the RISC-V Factory, the company is excited to help new RISC-V users in Japan drive innovation for their businesses. “With Bluespec tools, Japanese RISC-V users will be able to build faster, safer, and more efficiently,” says Charlie Hauck, Bluespec’s CEO. “It’s going to help businesses innovate in powerful new ways and we’re proud to be a part of that.” 

With Bluespec’s singular RISC-V tools and products, and Fujisoft’s dominating presence in the Japanese market, Japan is gaining access to some of the industry’s most advanced technology—enabling its embedded systems developers to become RISC-V power users. The excitement for this was on full display at the 2019 KUMICO Meetups in Tokyo and Osaka, co-sponsored by Bluespec and Fujisoft, at which the two companies shared their work with the larger Japanese RISC-V community. The events were a massive success and promise to be the first of many from this new team that’s pioneering the future of RISC-V.

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