Synthesizable Transactors

Synthesizable transactors are challenging to develop, which diverts development focus from core project activities and puts schedule at risk. Bluespec has a library of common transactors that can be used right off-the-shelf – and, if you need something different, Bluespec has the industry’s best solution for developing your own. 

The Bluespec transactor library includes popular bus interfaces like AMBA AXI, AHB and APB, and functions like console/UART and large, parameterized memory models. With these you quickly and easily connect your host-based verification environments to your design-under-test. (Please speak to your Bluespec sales person if you are interested in communication I/O interface protocols like Ethernet and PCIe)

Want to connect to TLM 2.0? The Bluespec Transactor Gateway provides a parameterizable set of transactors that go from TLM 2.0 API on a host, to a TLM hardware API in emulation. You can plug one of our AMBA interfaces right on to connect to your DUT. Need to connect to something different? The Transactor Gateway can be customized to get you there quickly.

 Not in our library? Don’t get bogged down by RTL. Developing synthesizable transactors in RTL is really hard and takes a long time – and developing highly flexible, reusable ones is next to impossible.

Bluespec synthesizable modeling is the solution of choice for leading semiconductor and system companies developing synthesizable transactors. Unlike any other high-level synthesis, you get easy expression of the complex control and interconnects that are typically found in transactor – in addition to its ability to tackle algorithms. Plus you can parameterize on almost any dimension, for better re-use, while still staying 100% synthesizable. And, Bluespec has a rich set of tools to accelerate the design and debug of transactors in emulation, even on the desktop. 

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