Bluespec technologies and solutions enable the earliest use of emulation and FPGA-based prototyping for high-speed modeling, architectural exploration, verification, and pre-silicon firmware-development. Learn more about Bluespec solutions in the following areas:

  • High-Speed Verification – from desktop emulation, which delivers emulation performance at simulation prices, to emulation tools and IP to make emulation easier to use
  • Hybrid Prototyping – solutions to help integrate RTL IP into a Virtual Platform for early, high-speed and accurate software development
  • Co-Emulation – solutions for connecting host workstations to DUT within an FPGA board
  • ARM Firmware Development – pre-silicon firmware development with RTL IP
  • SoC IP Integration Testing – validation of IP using processor-driven testing to verify with real applications in a cycle-accurate AMBA subsystem
  • Synthesizable Models – solutions for running models in emulation or FPGAs. Models can be architectural, functional, system, or even test benches.
  • Synthesizable Transactors – developing transactors for connecting models and test benches to designs-under-test (DUTs) in emulation or FPGAs
  • Synthesizable Test Benches – developing test benches that run in emulation or FPGAs
  • Production IP – from verifying IP faster to developing production IP • High-Performance Computing – accelerating your algorithms or models using FPGAs.