semu desktop emulation

Finally, emulation speeds at simulation prices – for your RTL. Semu* software delivers affordable, easy-to-use desktop emulation with low-cost Xilinx® FPGA-based development cards.

Key Features

  • High-speed verification and hybrid prototyping solution for Verilog designs in an affordable, desktop form factor
  • Connect, Build & Go™ gets you up and running in less than a day
  • Build automation connects designs to the host and provides a C API for easy integration of SystemC/C/C++ models and test benches
  • Dynamic debugging enables iterations in minutes, instead of hours or days, by eliminating the requirement to re-instrument and re-synthesize. Semu provides dynamic visibility and hardware breakpoint capability against 100% of the register state in a design at any time.

Semu speeds up long functional verification runs by up to 10,000X to quickly flush out tough corner cases on complex IP blocks and subsystems using application driven data sets and pseudo-random testing.

By easily integrating RTL IP into SystemC/C/C++ Virtual Platforms, Semu also enables cost-effective hybrid prototyping for high-speed, hardware-accurate pre-silicon software development.

Additional Details:

  • Provides easy-to-use GUI for project configuration, build, run and debug
  • Provides ready-to-use Verification IP (VIP) templates that can be leveraged to bring up designs quickly
  • Supports Verilog designs from 2-14 Million gates*
  • Runs on a Linux PC

*KC705 (2M), VC707 (3.5M), DINI Kintex (3M) and HyperSilicon (14M) boards. ASIC gate count depends on design & board.

Product Demo

Check out our demo of Semu's dynamic debugging capability, enabling debug iterations in minutes directly while running in FPGA emulation. No re-instrumentation and re-synthesis required. Semu's dynamic hardware breakpoints and visibility are demonstrated.

*Semu, pronounced see-mu, symbolizes attributes of both simulation and emulation.