SCE-MI Co-Emulation

Would you like to connect models and test benches to a Design-Under-Test (DUT) running on an FPGA board? Developing and maintaining a high-performance, low-latency connection requires lots of time and resources that are better spent directly on chip development. Bluespec has a portable, standards-based SCE-MI Version 2.1 co-emulation stack that is higher-performance, less expensive and deployable much sooner than doing it yourself. And, because it is based on a standard, you get much better re-use for your modeling and verification infrastructure.

SCE‐MI is an Accelera standard API for co-emulation, on both the software and hardware sides, that ensures simulation and emulation component interoperability and provides a communications protocol that helps users take full advantage of emulation performance.

The Bluespec SCE-MI Version 2.1 co-emulation stack was designed as a layered stack for high-performance, rapid portability and optimal extensibility. Instead of doing it yourself, contact Bluespec to learn how quickly we can connect your host machines to FPGA boards.