Production IP

Bluespec’s solutions for the development of production IP range from affordable, easy-to-use desktop emulation of your RTL IP to silicon-proven high-level synthesis tools for the development of high-quality production IP:

Emulation Speeds at Simulation Prices

Functional verification is a huge bottleneck. Though affordable and easy-to-use, simulators are way too slow to fully verify today's complex IP blocks and subsystems: getting to corner cases, performing full regressions and running with real data are all too hard.  While emulation and FPGA-boards promise high-speeds, they require a lot of infrastructure, can be difficult-to-use, and, for many applications, may not be available.

Bluespec breaks the functional verification bottleneck by delivering the high-speed of FPGA-based emulation, without compromising debug visibility and control. Bluespec delivers affordable, high-speed desktop emulation by integrating our software with standard, low-cost Xilinx FPGA Development Boards.

Silicon-Proven High-Level Synthesis Tools

Bluespec is the only general-purpose, high-level synthesis toolset for:

  • Any use model: models, verification IP, transactors & production IP
  • Any design type: control, datapath & interconnect Bluespec’s patented concurrency technology makes all types of hardware design significantly faster. The industry’s only hardware concurrency abstraction above RTL simplifies hardware design expression and enables automatic generation of control logic, accelerating development and eliminating many errors. Unlike other approaches, this makes Bluespec architecturally transparent, which is fundamental to achieving quality of results, debugging designs, working with generated Verilog RTL, leveraging emulation and predictably closing designs.

Accelerating Emulation Deployment

Synthesizable transactors are challenging to develop, which diverts development focus from core project activities and puts schedule at risk. The Bluespec transactor library includes popular bus interfaces like AMBA AXI, AHB and APB, and functions like console/UART and large, parameterized memory models. With these you quickly and easily connect your host-based verification environments to your design-under-test. (Please speak to your Bluespec sales person if you are interested in communication I/O interface protocols like Ethernet and PCIe)

Want to connect to TLM 2.0? The Bluespec Transactor Gateway provides a parameterizable set of transactors that go from TLM 2.0 API on a host, to a TLM hardware API in emulation. You can plug on one of our AMBA interfaces to connect to your DUT. Need to connect to something different? The Transactor Gateway can be customized to get you there quickly.

Would you like to connect models and test benches to a Design-Under-Test (DUT) running on an FPGA board? Developing and maintaining a high-performance, low-latency connection requires lots of time and resources that are better spent directly on chip development. Bluespec has a portable, standards-based SCE-MI Version 2.1 co-emulation stack that is higher-performance, less expensive and deployable much sooner than doing it yourself.

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