High-Speed Verification

Functional verification is a huge bottleneck. Though affordable and easy-to-use, simulators are way too slow to fully verify today's complex designs, including IP blocks and subsystems. Getting to corner cases, performing full regressions and running with real data are all too hard.  While emulation and FPGA-boards promise high-speeds, they require a lot of infrastructure, can be difficult-to-use, and, for many applications, may not be available.

Bluespec has solutions ranging from desktop emulation, which delivers emulation performance at simulation prices, to emulation tools and IP to make emulation easier to use.

Learn more about Bluespec’s products for Synthesizable Models:

  • sēmu Desktop Emulation – verify your RTL IP with emulation speeds and simulation prices 
  • Transactor Gateway – connect from TLM 2.0 to your DUT in FPGA emulation  
  • SCE-MI co-emulation – connect from host to FPGA board with a standard co-emulation solution
  • ARM Cortex SVP – high-speed virtual platform for firmware development and IP integration testing when using RTL IP