High-Performance Computing

Bluespec is the solution for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications that require the absolute best performance and functionality. HPC computing maps compute intensive algorithms into FPGA accelerators to break the performance bottlenecks of general-purpose computers. Bluespec’s advanced BSV language and compiler let the algorithm expert produce the highest performance FPGA accelerators. Bluespec’s atomic transactions and polymorphic constructs easily scale and support the most complex algorithms and personalities.

Bluespec provides the opportunity to raise the bar on HPC performance for the complete spectrum of HPC applications. Bluespec significantly improves the quality of hardware-accelerated algorithms. Operating at performance extremes requires inherently complex systems. Bluespec’s correct-by-compilation design methodology eliminates human implementation of control circuits - the major source of design defects. Bluespec’s high-concurrency compute model is a major advantage for complex mission critical digital systems.

  • Data Intensive Applications
  • Cryptography
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Video and Image Processing
  • Networking
  • Bioinformatics
  • Financial Analytics

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