ARM Firmware Development

Based on Bluespec’s powerful Synthesizable Virtual Platform (SVP) technology and Processor System Models, our Firmware Development Solution brings true accuracy and performance to the front end of the design cycle – it runs fast even with RTL IP. Bluespec’s Firmware Development solution enables working and tested Firmware in time for first silicon arrival. Firmware development can be at the block, subsystem and system level - and it can even begin with the model of a new IP block. Currently Bluespec is delivering an ARM Cortex v7 based complete solution.

  • Early firmware development with new IP blocks and models, at high-speeds
  • Bluespec SVP accuracy and speed: run your virtual platform at MHz speeds even when integrated with RTL IP
  • Co-emulation: easily leverage your simulation-based verification environments and software-based virtual platforms

Learn more about Bluespec's ARM Cortex SVP:

  • ARM Cortex SVP – high-speed virtual platform for firmware development and IP integration testing when using RTL IP